Our fresh frozen pasta lines for foodservice

Canuti produce fresh frozen pasta for the foodservice with slow bronze die extrusion,  thought for exalt its flavours.

Discover our 3 lines: le Classiche, le Delizie and le Biospeciali


  • Ravioli alla Bolognese with Meat

    A small pasta format, with a filling just like that of the Tortellini alla Bolognese.Traditionally served in meat stock, they are also excellent with ...
  • Delizie with “Cime di Rapa” and Filets of Anchovies

    Flavourful filling inspired by a typical dish from Puglia, delicious fillets of real Sicilian anchovies and tasty turnip tops.A high-value red pasta ...
  • Red Quadroni with Red Radicchio & Gorgonzola PDO

    Intriguing filling prepared with fresh red radicchio leaves and Gorgonzola PDO cheese.Red pasta sheet with paprika made through die extrusion.
  • Fagotti with Cheese & Pear

    Pasta Fagotti filled with flavourful cheeses like Robiola, Taleggio PDO and Parmigiano Reggiano PDO paired with sweet candied pears.Perfect with ...
  • Garganelli

    Classic traditional format of Romagna and Marche area, prepared with pasta sheet made through die extrusion.
  • Cappelli with Cheese

    Emmental cheese, fontal cheese, provolone dolce cheese, Gorgonzola DOP cheese, ricotta cheese, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO and Grana Padano PDO, together ...
  • Cappelli with Smoked Scamorza Cheese & Eggplant

    Tasty filling prepared with smoked scamorza cheese and aubergines.Perfect for serving with vegetable or cheese-based dressings.
  • Pappardelle

    The Pappardelle are an egg pasta format just like the Tagliatelle but of a definitely greater width.While the Tagliatelle are a traditional pasta of ...
  • Quadroni with Asparagus

    Classic pasta format filled with asparagus and soft ricotta cheese.Ideal for cheese-based dressings or crispy vegetables.
  • Delizie with Asparagus and Almonds

    Traditional pasta format with high percentage of filling prepared with delicious asparagus tips and crunchy almonds.The experience of the Canuti ...
  • Quadroni Ricotta Cheese & Spinach

    Traditional pasta format filled with soft ricotta cheese and spinach leaves.Excellent served with tomato, flavourful meat sauces, cheese or ...
  • Tortelli with Pumpkin

    Traditional Tortello originating from Northern Italy and specifically of the Mantua area, prepared with amaretti biscuits, pumpkin, nutmeg and ...
  • Gramigna

    Classic short pasta ideal for flavourful dressings.
  • Green Tortelloni with Fossa Cheese

    Traditional format filled with the classic Sogliano fossa cheese PDO, aged for three months in classic oval shaped pits, dug in the rock.Prepared with ...

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