Why choose the fresh frozen pasta?

Because deep freezing is the only method that preserves fresh pasta in a natural way and for a long time.
Canuti fresh pasta is extruded, shaped, pasteurized and then frozen using the IQF method (Individual Quick Frozen) in a single and fast production cycle.

Canuti Italian Tradition is a pioneer in the freezing of fresh pasta, in the 1980s it was one of the first pasta factories to adopt it to preserve the freshness of its products intact.

Five excellent advantages about frozen pasta

1. 18-month shelf life at -18°C (0°F)
2. Organoleptic properties (aroma, flavour, colour) and nutritional qualities remain unaltered for the entire shelf-life and without the use of preservatives
3. Thanks to IQF, you only need to take out of the packet the amount you want to cook
4. Cook from frozen
5. Keep a check on food costs: less waste and fewer reorders compared to fresh unfrozen pasta
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