Pasta makers since 1950

The ’70s / ’80s / ’90s

The 2000s

From 2013

In 1950, the founder Mario Canuti opens the first fresh pasta laboratory in Rimini, in Emilia-Romagna, regions internationally know for its gastronimical excellence. Since then the activity has intensified and today the production is organized in a modern factory.

  • We keep our pasta making know-how and apply it to the satisfaction of specific requests from different markets
  • We rely on deep-freezing, the best existing preservation technique, to export our products from Italy to the world
  • Over the years, our commitment has been rewarded with obtaining and maintaining international industry certifications

Our history

The passion and the quality from who produce pasta since 1950


Mario Canuti opens the first fresh pasta laboratory in Rimini


Opening of three new points of sale in Rimini (Italy)


Direct distribution to restaurants, hotels and HVRs


Among the first to produce frozen fresh pasta in Italy


New processing plant


Export of frozen pasta to EU countries


Achievement of IFS and BRC certifications


Achievement Organic certification


Acquisition of Canuti by the Toffano group


Renovation of the processing machinery expanding into extra-EU markets in Food service and Retail


Expansion of the range with three product lines, "le Classiche", "le Delizie" and "le Biospeciali"

Laboratory in via Spagna in Rimini

Production plant and commercial/logistics offices in via Sassonia 16, Rimini
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