Le Delizie

A fine extra-rough pasta, soft fillings, gourmet recipes and large formats with a hand-crafted look

Le Classiche

A wide range with short, long, filled pasta, gnocchi and delicatessen products

Casa Canuti
Retail Collection

Discover the new Canuti retail line,
traditional Italian classics in handy 300g bags.

A history of over sixty years

The passion and quality of those who produce pasta since 1950
The history of Canuti Tradizione Italiana is one of those genuinely Italian stories that show the love for one's roots, the passion for fresh pasta and the taste for innovation.

Die Extrusion

Pasta sheet like the artisanal one


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Why frozen?

The reasons to choose it, discover the advantages it offers


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Chef's recipes

Tasty recipes for perfect dishes

Canuti's recipes

Preparate dai nostri chef e pensate per i professionisti della cucina
Facili da preparare, con ingredienti semplici e facilmente reperibili e con una preparazione descritta passo per passo.
Le Classiche

Tortelli del Pescatore on creamed chickpeas and carpetshell clams, with emulsion of sea urchin roe and extra virgin olive oil

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Le Classiche

Green Tortelloni with Fossa Cheese in “O Sole Mio” sauce with fresh sausage and Vesuvius tomatoes

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Le Classiche

Tortelloni Giganti Ricotta e Spinaci with Castelmagno cheese fondue and summer truffle

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Le Classiche

Tortellini alla Bolognese with classic capon broth

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