Die Extrusion

Drawing is one of the most distinctive phases of pasta production: it is the method that gives shape to the dough of water, eggs and flour turning it into puff pastry, to then be processed and become short pasta (for example Garganello), long pasta (for example Tagliatella) and, wrapping the filling, filled pasta (for example Raviolo).

Only die extrusion realises a traditional pasta sheet which is like the artisanal one, with just the right degree of porosity and the aroma of flour and eggs, with a good appearance and perfectly retain any sauce and topping.

The unique charasteristics of die extrusion

1. Pasta sheet like the artisanal one
2. Porous and rough pasta
3. Perfectly retains sauces and toppings
4. Typical intense yellow colour of the artisanal pasta
5. Strong aroma of flour and eggs
6. Compulsory use of high quality flour

The Masters of Drawing

Die extrusion has by now been abandoned by industrial pasta producers, who use steel or Teflon laminators to cut costs and increase productivity per hour at the expense of the quality of the used raw materials and of the sensations of who will taste them.

Since 1950 Canuti “master pasta makers” process all pastry sheet with the traditional method of the die extrusion of the dough, genuinely made only with every high quality durum wheat flour and selected flour.

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta.”


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