Our fresh frozen pasta lines for foodservice

Canuti produce fresh frozen pasta for the foodservice with slow bronze die extrusion,  thought for exalt its flavours.

Dought with squid ink

  • Tagliolini with Squid Ink

    Traditional Tagliolino with pasta sheet made through die extrusion and addition of cuttlefish ink.Ideal for a fish-based first course dish with a ...
  • Giant Black Tortelloni with Smoked Salmon & Thyme

    Una pregiata sfoglia al nero di seppia, trafilata, racchiude un saporito ripieno preparato con salmone fresco Norvegese, salmone affumicato saltati ...
  • Black Mezzaluna with Flavours of the Sea

    Pasta sheet with cuttlefish inkTraditional Panzarotto with high-value pasta sheet with cuttlefish ink made through die extrusion.Prepared with hake, ...
  • Paccheri with Squid Ink

    The paccheri are a type of traditional Neapolitan pasta with the shape of giant maccheroni.Prepared according to tradition only with durum wheat ...
  • Stringoli with Squid Ink

    Traditional pasta format of Ligurian origin.Ideal for serving with the classic Genovese pesto, excellent also with meat or fish-based dressings.

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