Cappelli with Porcini Mushrooms in thick broth, served with beef carpaccio and Squacquerone cheese and thyme quenelles

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Ingredients for 4 people

  • 504g Cappelli with Porcini Mushrooms "Canuti",
  • 200ml meat consommé
  • 120g beef carpaccio
  • 20g butter


Mix the thyme leaves, egg white and Squacquerone into the béchamel sauce while still warm. Make the quenelles, allow to cool and steam at low temperature directly in the quenelle spoons.

Cook the CanutiCappelli ai Funghi Porcini in boiling salted water, drain and toss in a pan with the consommé and the butter.

Arrange the carpaccio slices on the serving dishes, top with the pasta and finish with the quenelles placed at the centre.

Canuti pasta cooking methods

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The traditional cooking in boiling water, the practial steam cooking or the original and tasty frying.

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