Our fresh frozen pasta lines for foodservice

Canuti produce fresh frozen pasta for the foodservice with slow bronze die extrusion,  thought for exalt its flavours.

Dought with spinach

  • Green Stringoli

    Traditional pasta format of Ligurian origin.Ideal for serving with the classic Genovese pesto, excellent also with meat or fish-based dressings.
  • Green Tortelloni with Fossa Cheese

    Traditional format filled with the classic Sogliano fossa cheese PDO, aged for three months in classic oval shaped pits, dug in the rock.Prepared with ...
  • Tricolour Bon Bon with Ricotta Cheese & Spinach

    Formato a caramella ripieno di morbida ricotta e spinaci in foglie, ottimi serviti con condimenti a base di pomodoro, saporiti ragù, formaggi e ...
  • Green Tortelloni with Ricotta cheese & Spinach

    Classic traditional format filled with soft ricotta cheese and spinach leaves.Prepared with green pasta sheet with spinach made through die extrusion.
  • Tricolour Chicche

    Classic preparation of traditional Italian cuisine, here in a more compact format.Excellent served with meat sauces, cream cheeses, dressings with ...
  • Pre-cooked Green Pasta Sheet

    Practical pre-cooked egg pasta sheet, in the 475mm x 280mm format, ideal for culinary preparations like lasagne or cannelloni.

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