Pasta makers from 1950 to today

The history of Canuti Tradizione Italiana is one of those genuinely Italian stories that show the love for one's roots, the passion for fresh pasta and the taste for innovation.

A long history and a significant experience that enables Canuti to have an exceptional flexibility in kneading the dough in a wide range of formats and fillings, so as to perfectly meet the most diverse demands of its clientele. 

Flli Canuti Pasta Fresca
  • 1950 Mario Canuti opens the first fresh pasta laboratory
  • 1960 Opening of three new points of sale in Rimini
  • 1970 Direct distribution to restaurants, hotels and HVRs
  • 1980 Amongst the first to produce frozen fresh pasta in Italy
  • 1996 New processing plant
  • 2000 Export of frozen pasta to EU countries
  • 2013 IFS, BRC and Halal certifications
  • 2014 Organic Certification
  • 2015 Acquisition of Canuti by the Toffano group
  • 2016 Renovation of the processing machinery.
    Expanding into extra-EU markets in Food service and Retail


Foto Produzione OLD 2

A Certified Quality!

Canuti Tradizione Italiana always attentive to the High Quality of the Pasta (very carefully selected raw materials processed within the day, slow bronze die extrusion, frozen with the IQF method) has obtained the most important international  System and Product Certifications.

  • BRC (Technical Standard and Protocol for Companies Supplying Retailer Branded Food Products): it is a standard born in 1998 in England, where it is institutionalised by now, and it has been developed by the British Retail Consortium, that represents the major British retailers, and UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service), national British accreditation body.
  • IFS (International Food Standard): it is the equivalent of BRC for the countries of Central Europe (Austria, Switzerland, France and Germany). It has been developed by a consortium in which the most representative entities of the retailers of Central Europe participate, the BDH (Federal Union of German Trade Associations).
  • Halal product certification, that attests the respect of Islamic rules with regard to the sole presence of ingredients allowed by such religion.

Certifications that result in the reliability of a solid, certified and dynamic company, ready to offer the best of Traditional Italian Pasta: first-rate first courses, good, healthy and guaranteed.