Canuti pasta cooking methods:
the traditional one, the practical one and the unconventional one

The traditional cooking in boiling water, the practical steam cooking or the original frying

The traditional cooking in boiling water

This is the traditional method of cooking and by following these four simple steps, you’re guaranteed a perfect plate of Canuti pasta.

1) Drop the still frozen pasta (without defrosting) ino salted boiling water. Please note, pasta/salt to water ratio: 100g pasta to 1 litre of water, 20g salt to 1 litre of water.

2) Turn up the heat and when the water returns to the boil, cook the pasta for the time indicated on the label for perfectly “al dente” pasta.

3) Gently drain the pasta.

4) Drop the pasta into a pre-heated pan, add your favourite dressing or sauce, then briefly sautè for a few seconds until well mixed. Serve immediately on pre-heated dish.

The practical steam cooking

This is an ideal solution for any type of  filled pasta.
It is an alternative cooking method that is ideal, not only for restaurants, but also, thanks to its practicality, any form of collective catering, canteens and all kitchens without a pasta cooker. Speed, simplicity and efficiency are just some of the advantages.

1) Heat the oven to 100°C in steam mode.

2) Place the pasta, still frozen, uniformly onto a baking tray (do not season with salt) and put it in the oven.

3) Set the timer for the product’s recommended cooking time.

4) When cooked, remove from the oven and add the sauce of your choice (even directy in the baking tray).

The original frying

This is an unconventional cooking method for pasta, which makes it particularly suitable for appetizers or as finger food.
Both filled pasta and long pasta shapes become delicious and crispy after frying.

1) Heat oil* in a fryer to 170°C/180°C; for pasta filled with only cheese we recommend a higher temperature of 180°C/190°C.

*We recommend using clean oil and a litre of oil for every 100g of product.

2) Drop the pasta in the fryer, we recommend still frozen.

3) Turn the pasta several times to ensure uniform cooking.

4) Fry the product for 2/3 minutes until golden; for pasta with only cheese filling, we recommend frying for less time, just 1/2 minutes.

5) Drain and dry the pasta on kitchen paper, then season and serve with sauces or creams.