Product code: 93S

BonTortellone with Fresh Goat Soft Cheese and Lemon Zest

A filling with fragrant lemon and tasty fresh goat cheese.

Ideal to be served with condiments based on vegetables or cheese.

  Cooking: 4/5 min

Product information
Pasta ingredients: Soft-wheat flour type "00", durum-wheat semolina, eggs.
Filling ingredients: Fresh Goat soft cheese, ricotta cheese, lemon zest.
Percentage of filled pasta: 55%/45%
Weight per piece/nest: 12g
Sizes: 38mmx38mm
Yield after cooking: 28%
Recommended portion: 125g
Portions per box: 25

Product information

Pack and packaging
Packing/Packaging: Carton box of 3x1kg
  • Fresh saver sealed bags
  • 3 practical 1kg no waste bags
  • Strong cardboard, suitable for low temperatures
  • On each bag, complete information about the product and conservation
  • Product preparation tips
  • Multilingual labelling, with product image and rich in technical information

Pack and packaging

Chef's suggestions
Meat stock
Meat sauce
Cheese sauce
Vegetable sauce
Fish sauce
Fish stock
Not recommended

Chef's suggestions

Compatible recipe

BonTortellone con Caprino Fresco e Zeste di Limone con pesto di erbe aromatiche concassè di pomodoro e croccante di Parmigiano Reggiano

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Compatible recipe

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