41 Chefs from Greece to Rimini to get to know the new Canuti products

41 Chefs from Greece to Rimini to get to know the new Canuti products


It was an intense afternoon at Canuti, where as many as 41 Chefs, coming from Greece, participated to a Chefs4You training organized at the company headquarters, in collaboration with an important Greek distributor of the Foodservice.

Most guests were from hotels and restaurants in the area of Thessaloniki and the Kalkidiki. They could taste 10 new products from Le Delizie and Le Classiche Canuti lines. The products were prepared with the traditional method of cooking in boiling water by Canuti master Chef Corrado and executive Chef Domenico. All guests particularly appreciated the new "Tagliatella with Rosemary and Spelt Flour" in the pasta.


The practical part of the meeting included an organoleptic evaluation of the products. Each chef gave his qualitative assessment concerning the visual appearance and the taste of each product. The first part of the meeting focused on the richness of Canuti range of products, on quality elements such as ingredients, on bronze drawing of the dough, on the benefits of freezing and on the convenience of packaging.

The Greek chefs had already been using Canuti pasta for quite a long time. During the meeting, they could get to know the manufacturing facilities and personally meet the Canuti Chefs4You team.

At the end of the training session, the guests asked Canuti staff many questions concerning technical aspects of the preparation, how to make the best presentation of a pasta dish, combinations of condiments. Talks were rich and lively indeed.

At the end of the meeting, each one of the guests was awarded a certificate of participation to this Fresh Pasta Master Class. They also received a copy of latest edition of Canuti catalogue for the professionals and a small gift.